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Core Pull Request. Next-Gen Smart Contracts for Bitcoin. BIP-119 OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY is a simple proposal to power the next wave of Bitcoin adoption and applications. The underlying technology is carefully engineered to be simple to understand, easy to use, and safe to deploy.
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Jeremy Rubin is the founder of Judica, a Bitcoin R&D Lab. He has been a Bitcoin contributor since 2016, but has worked in the community since 2013. Previously, Jeremy co-founded Scaling Bitcoin and the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. Jeremys main contributions to Bitcoin focus on code changes that deal with resource utilisation, performance, and security.
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Key-reuse with CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY may be used as a form of forwarding" address contract .A" forwarding address is an address which can automatically execute in a predefined way.For example, a exchange's' hot wallet might use an address which can automatically be moved to a coldstorage address after a relative timeout. The issue is that reusing addresses in this way can lead to loss of funds.Suppose one creates an template address which forwards 1 BTC to cold storage.Creating an output to this address with less than 1 BTC will be frozen permanently.Paying more than 1 BTC will lead to the funds in excess of 1BTC to be paid as a large miner fee.CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY could commit to the exact amount of bitcoin provided by the inputs/amount of feepaid, but as this is a user error and not a malleability issue this is not done.Future soft-forks could introduce opcodes which allow conditionalizing which template or scriptbranches may be used based on inspecting the amount of funds available in a transaction.

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